Do you take my documents away to shred or do you provide on-site shredding at my location?

Unless a specific situation dictates otherwise, we provide all paper shredding services on-site with our mobile shred trucks. This eliminates all the risks associated with using an off site document shredding service…often for the same price or cheaper!

Because we shred at your location, once we are done NO ONE can see those documents anymore. Your liability will end with us!

Do you provide shredding service to residential customers or only businesses?

We don’t distinguish between business and residential customers. If you need paper shredding give us a call and we will provide you with the same professional service we provide to our business clients.

Do I need to remove paper clips or staples?

No. Our shredder can easily shred staples, paper clips, and binder clips. You really don’t need to do anything to prepare your confidential documents for our paper shredding service. However, we do remove 3 ring binders and hanging file folders, but that can be done as we load materials into the shredder.

Do you provide secure shredding services in my area?

We currently provide professional on-site paper shredding for several markets in California, Utah, and Ohio

How long will it take for you to shred my documents?

Our state of the art mobile shredding trucks can shred over 200 boxes an hour so we can get in and get out quickly.  That is over 3 times faster than some of the largest shredding companies! 

Our clients that have previously used other shredding companies are consistently amazed at the speed of our shredding service.  We are very responsive to the needs of our customers.  If you are tired of dealing with some of the national shredding companies, give us a try.  We will provide responsive, local, affordable service that can’t be beat!

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