At Discount Shred we provide several community shredding events throughout the year. We team up with other local organizations that would like to sponsor community shred events.

How Does it Work

We typically charge a flat fee to provide shredding services for a set time frame or until the truck fills.  The details of these events is determined by the sponsoring organization.  For example, some organizations are willing to provide free paper shredding as a benefit for their residents, members, or customers.  Others utilize the event as a fundraiser to solicit donations from those who wish to support their organization.

Want to Sponsor a Shred Event?

We provide the mobile shred truck along with an operator. We offer 2 types of shred events.

Standard Community Shred Event

  • Typically runs 2-4 hours
  • You basically rent our services for a pre-determined window
  • Events are a 2-3 hour minimum
    (depending on timing & location)
  • We can provide Shred Events any day of the week except for Sunday

Friends, Families, and Neighbors

  • Everyone brings their documents to a single location in the community.
  • We show up at the pre-determined time and shred until all paperwork is destroyed.  We don’t wait around, once the paper is shredded, we leave.
  • We charge our standard rates based on the amount of material or “boxes” shredded. 

Interested In Supporting A Shred Event?

The terms of each event are set by the sponsoring organization. While some events provide free shredding to everyone, most shred events charge a small fee per box as part of a fundraiser. Other Shred events are intended for their customers, members, or residents and restrict the general public from shredding at the event.

Other Options For Shredding Your Papers.

If you are unable to attend one of our community shred events or if you just don’t want to deal with the hassle the crowds we have some great options for you to get your papers shredded.  Most of the time we can finish your residential document shredding in just a few minutes!

Shredding option #1: We can come to you!

  • If you have more than you can fit into your vehicle or just don’t want to bother bringing it to us, we are happy to come to your location.
  • We provide both residential and commercial shredding services and are even happy to meet you at your storage unit!

Shredding option #2: Throw your boxes into your trunk and meet our Mobile shredding truck when it's near you on it's route!

  • If you are flexible with your timing, we can let you know when our truck will be in your area.
  • Our driver will call you to meet them at one of their stops that is conveniently located to you.
  • If you miss us, it’s not a problem. We are regularly in your area and can easily reschedule.

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