As your trusted local professional, we provide a mobile, on-site paper shredding service that simplifies the task of document destruction. Our process is designed to be fast and easy, ensuring your documents are shredded without any hassle.

Secure Scheduled On-Site Shredding

At Discount Shredding Services, we prioritize your peace of mind and the security of your sensitive documents. We offer our Scheduled On-Site Shredding service, where we come straight to your place of business, pick up your materials, and shred them on-site while you watch the entire process via a closed-circuit monitor. This service provides an added layer of security as it ensures that your confidential documents are destroyed before they ever leave your premises.

Customized Schedules & Certified Destruction

Our Scheduled On-Site Shredding service can be set at regularly scheduled intervals – weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly – or custom-tailored to meet your specific requirements. To provide assurance that your sensitive information has been professionally and securely destroyed, Discount Shred issues a certificate of destruction immediately upon completion of the job. Trust us to handle your document disposal needs with the utmost professionalism and discretion.

Secure Document Collection Containers

Our regularly scheduled clients have access to a wide variety of locked consoles and bins. These secure storage options are designed to safely house your sensitive documents until the appointed shredding date arrives. Whether you need a sleek console for an office setting or a larger bin for high-volume storage, you can choose the option that fits your needs best.

The purpose of these secure consoles and bins is to prevent any unauthorized access or accidental loss of important documents. Once these containers are filled to capacity, our professional team will carefully transport the contents directly into our state-of-the-art mobile shredding truck. 


Our Document Shredding Process

Schedule your document shredding service for a time and day that is convenient for YOU! Often we are able to provide same day or next day shredding as long as it fits in the route!

Our professional and courteous driver arrives in the appointed time frame with a state-of-the-art Mobile Shredding Truck.

All contents of your boxes, bags, and other containers is loaded into our secure shredding bins and wheeled to the mobile shredder.

All work is done at ground level. No manual lifting of materials into the vehicle is required, making it secure and contact-free document shredding. It is also closely monitored via two security cameras.

Our document shredding specialist gives you a signed certificate of destruction indicating that the Document Destruction was completed.


Throughout the document shredding process we maintain strict adherence to privacy protection regulations and we help to minimize your liabilities by ensuring your compliance with the following regulations:

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