One of the first things that you need to know when shopping for a document shredding service is would you prefer On-site or Off-site shredding. Which form of shredding your documents is more secure? Find out for yourself.

On-Site or Off-Site? - Aren't they both secure?

On-site Shredding

With on-site shredding, your sensitive files are shredded before leaving your location.

Off-site Shredding

Your documents are shredded at an off-site facility. Off-site destruction increases risk and liability by removing it from your control while you are still liable for the information security.

Off-Site Shredding Explained

Most shredding companies want you to choose off-site because it is easier to collect and shred with lower equipment costs.  Because of that, often times they will lower your bill by a couple of dollars a month. What they don’t tell you is that once your sensitive information reaches their location it may sit up to a month waiting for them to put it through the shredder. (After being sorted for recycling purposes). 

Once the shredding process finally begins, someone being paid minimum wage sorts through your papers to separate out the clean whites from the colored or low quality paper. They do this so they can be reimbursed from recyclers for having high grade paper for recycling.

In this scenario, not only does your sensitive information remain available for theft or viewing, but it is guaranteed that it will be handled multiple times by multiple people including the collection truck driver, the sorters, and everyone else who has access to the facilities.  While we like to be trusting of people, it just doesn’t make sense to allow your sensitive information to be open to that kind of access if you are paying for secure destruction.  Someone’s lack of having been convicted of a felony is no guarantee of future honesty!  

Ok, Well I trust a total stranger will at least do his job ethically...Is there any other problem with off-site shredding?

An offsite service truck may make 25-30 service stops per day. If you employ offsite services, your confidential documents are compromised each time new documents are placed into the back of the offsite truck.

When the off-site shredding collection truck travels from stop to stop your documents are exposed to possible accidents and road hazards which could leave your sensitive documents blowing in the wind.

Check out this news video to right for more information.  As you watch the video, try to imagine the impact a story like this would make on your business. Discount Shred will only shred onsite, giving you the peace of mind that your sensitive documents are completely destroyed before we ever leave your business.

Mobile On-Site Document Shredding = Maximum Security, Minimum Liability!

At Discount Shred we ensure that our customers confidential information is discarded in the most secure and compliant way.

Mobile On-Site Document Shredding

We shred everything at your facility and don’t leave until your information is destroyed.  Customers can choose on setting up a routine service or can call us for one-time purge job.

Discount Shred comes directly to your facility with its secure mobile shredder.

You may watch and verify as sensitive files, documents, and materials are permanently destroyed. We tailor the timing of our visits to fit your schedule and needs.  We offer service daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you need us.

What if on-site service doesn't work for me?

We always recommend on site shredding to our customers because it is the most secure document destruction method. It happens on site at your place of business. But, of course, for some businesses, off-site shredding is necessary.

You may have large volume shredding requirements and not want our truck onsite for that long. Or, the location doesn’t provide suitable access for our truck, such as an underground parking lot. Other times, it may be an urgent clean-out that needs to be done right away – you simply prefer to have the job done off site.

No problem. Discount Shred has strict procedures so that the security of sensitive documents is always guaranteed. Our process ensures that everything is destroyed as we receive it. There’s no sorting of materials prior to the shred.

We’ll also send you a Certificate of Destruction once the documents have been shredded.

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