At Discount Shredding Services, our commitment to your privacy and security is unparalleled. We’ve honed a shredding process that seamlessly blends efficiency, security, and convenience. We understand the importance of entrusting us with your sensitive documents and hard drives, and we’ve designed our process to safeguard your information every step of the way. Here’s an expanded look at how we handle your shredding needs.


Step 1: Schedule Your On-Site Shredding

Getting started is as simple as giving us a call or using our convenient online forms. We’ll have a chat to understand your shredding requirements, asking questions about the volume of documents and your preferred service frequency. Based on that, we’ll provide you with an accurate quote for our top-notch services and work out a schedule that suits you. Then you just have to wait for our team to arrive for your scheduled appointment.


Step 2: Arrival of Our Shred Truck

Next, our professional team arrives within the scheduled time frame in a state-of-the-art Mobile Shredding Truck. Our team members are not only trained in secure shredding procedures but also uphold the highest standards of courtesy and professionalism.


Step 3: Secure Loading of Documents

Your documents, whether in boxes, bags or other containers, are then securely loaded into our shredding bins. These bins are designed for optimum security and are directly wheeled to the mobile shredder, ensuring there is no unnecessary handling of your sensitive materials.


Step 4: Ground-Level Shredding

We are committed to providing our customers with a seamless experience. Our shredding process is designed to be hassle-free and convenient. There is no need for any manual lifting as all shredding work is performed at ground level. Rest assured, our dedicated mobile shredding specialist meticulously supervises the entire process, ensuring that your confidential documents are securely shredded without any physical contact.


Step 5: Monitored Shredding

Your peace of mind is important to us. That’s why we carefully keep an eye on our entire shredding process using two separate security cameras. This way, we maintain top-notch security and transparency at every step of the shredding procedure.


Step 6: Completion and Certificate of Destruction

After the shredding process concludes, we provide you with a final token of assurance – a certificate of destruction. This certificate serves as a legal record that your documents or hard drives have been securely and professionally destroyed in compliance with all relevant regulations. It has information on the shredding date, time, type of service, and our company details. That way, if a problem arises, you have a paper trail to prove that your information has been handled according to strict security guidelines.

Safeguarding Your Sensitive Data with Discount Shredding Services

Our entire operation is not just about shredding; it’s about providing you with a secure, convenient, and trustworthy solution for handling and destroying sensitive data. We take your security seriously, and our comprehensive shredding process reflects this commitment.

Trust us to protect your privacy and ensure all your sensitive documents and hard drives are disposed of in the most secure manner possible. Give us a call today, or contact us using our online form for a consultation and discover the best solution for your particular needs. Let us take care of all your data security needs with our reliable and trustworthy service.


Throughout the document shredding process we maintain strict adherence to privacy protection regulations and we help to minimize your liabilities by ensuring your compliance with the following regulations:

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